Sony PS5 Pro game console will be release at the end of the third quarter of this year

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IT House reported on January 5 that Tom Henderson. The head of foreign media insider-gaming, posted on the X platform. Claiming that Sony will release the PS5 Pro game console at the end of the third quarter of this year .It is reported that there have been recent rumors that Sony may announce PS5 Pro at CES 2024, but Tom Henderson refuted this view. He said: “In my personal opinion, it is impossible for Sony to announce a new machine 9-10 months in advance, which will hinder the current sales of PS5 Slim. I prefer Sony to make an announcement at the end of the third quarter .”

IT Home Note: Sony launched the PS5 Slim game console last year. Compare with the original PS5, the volume is reduce by 30%, the storage space is expanded to 1TB. And it uses a “detachable optical drive” design, but the performance is roughly the same as the original PS5 . The official version is currently on the market

PS5 Pro game console

Sony PS5 Pro

According to previous reports, Sony PS5 Pro is expect to be equipp with an “exclusive DLSS” function at the software level . This game console also has a number of parameter information leaked in terms of hardware:

A member of the ResetEra forum announced the SoC data of the PS5 Pro game console. The SoC (Viola) of the game console is based on TSMC N4P and belongs to GFX1115. It maintains the Zen2 architecture to remain compatible with the current PS5, but the peak frequency can reach 4.4GHz. Each core has 64KB of L1 cache, 512KB of L2 cache, and 8MB of L3 shared cache (4MB per CCX).

Reliable source Kepler also stated on the X platform that the SoC Viola use by Sony game console has a total of 64 CUs. But 60 CUs are actually enabled. Visit for more

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