How to choose a Bluetooth adapter for pc and how to use it?

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A Bluetooth adapter for PC is an interface converter suitable for Bluetooth devices. It can be use to expand devices that do not support Bluetooth functions or have damaged Bluetooth . The most suitable scenario is to get rid of the troubles of various wires and enable multiple devices to be connected to the same computer at the same time, such as Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth headset, etc. can be used at the same time.

It is recommend to choose a model that supports Bluetooth 5.0. You can choose a device with an appropriate interface according to your own needs.

The Bluetooth adapter for pc is also very simple to use. It can be driver-free and plug-and-play on win8 or above systems; it generally supports 4-7 Bluetooth devices to be connect at the same time.

This article also summarizes some common problems when using Bluetooth adapters. If you encounter problems during use, you can leave a message in the comment area so that everyone can learn and communicate with each other.

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Bluetooth adapter for pc
Bluetooth adapter for pc

Working principle of Bluetooth adapter For PC

Products developed based on the application of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology adopts global short-distance wireless communication technology and uses the free 2.4GHz frequency band. In order to avoid mutual signal interference, it uses 1600 high-frequency frequency hopping and encryption technology. It has the characteristics of low power consumption and longer transmission distance than infrared. It adopts USB plug-and-play interface and can transmit files, videos, audios, etc. under 10M. The existing Bluetooth specification versions are 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0.

Bluetooth versionTransmission characteristics
Bluetooth 1.0 1999748~810kb/s
Bluetooth 2.0 2004Newly added EDR technology, with a maximum transmission speed of 3M/s, supports duplex mode, and can transmit both voice and pictures, etc.
Bluetooth 2.1 2007More power saving, the sending interval is expanded from 0.1s to 0.5s
2009 Bluetooth 3.0+HSAdopting new alternating radio frequency technology, supporting up to 24M/s transmission speed and reducing idle power consumption
2010 Bluetooth V4.0Contains traditional Bluetooth technology, high-speed Bluetooth and new Bluetooth low energy technology.
It has the characteristics of low cost, support for interoperability of different manufacturers, 3mm delay, transmission distance of more than 100 meters, and AES encryption.
Bluetooth 4.1 2013Support LTE seamless collaboration
Bluetooth 4.2 2014Supports 6LoWPAN, a low-speed personal area network standard based on IPV6
Bluetooth 5.0 2016In low power consumption mode, longer transmission distance (theoretical 300 meters), faster transmission speed (maximum 2Mbps), and larger data packet capacity.
Support indoor navigation and positioning. Mesh mesh network.

Main parameters

1. Brand of Bluetooth chip module used

CSR series chips, Broadcom series chips, etc.

Most of the chips on the market now are 4.0 chips. Generally speaking, they are compatible with 5.0 because Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. If you want to buy Bluetooth 5.0, you must look at the chip.

Chip brand and modelcharacteristic
Qualcomm chip, QCC302xSupports SBC, aptX, AAC, APTX-LL, APTX-HD, stereo line input.
CSR 87 series chipsSupport Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, ANC, etc.
BES 2300Made in China, supports Bluetooth 5.0, dual-mode, IBRT, etc.
Loda 1526PSupport Bluetooth 5.0

2. Signal coverage: 0~20 meters, with enhance signal it can be expanded to 45 meters.

3. Supports driver-free installation for win8/win10 and above. Systems below win7/XP can only download the driver and install it manually.

4. Instant response, low latency and no lag.

5. Supports multiple communication protocols (GAP, A2DP, HSP, HFP, APT-x, HID over GATT, AVRCP, FTP). According to the current product situation on the market, it mainly supports Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 5.0.

6. The design should be compact and easy to carry.

7. After successful matching for the first time, it will automatically pair when you turn on the phone later.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth Adapters

1. What should I do if the Bluetooth adapter cannot find the Bluetooth device?

(1) Confirm whether the Bluetooth driver has been installed.

(2) Re-plug the Bluetooth adapter or restart the computer.

(3) Reset the Bluetooth device to be connected.

2. What should I do if there is no sound during playback after the Bluetooth headset speaker is successfully pair?

(1) In the Windows Audio Manager, confirm that the audio playback device is the selected Bluetooth headset or speaker.

(2) When the Bluetooth adapter is use in win7 system, do not select the “All” type when adding Bluetooth devices.

3. After the Bluetooth adapter is connect to the computer, the sound icon keeps flashing and the sound is intermittent?

The reason may be insufficient power supply. You can try the following methods:

(1) If it is a desktop computer, you can change it to the USB port on the back of the chassis for oral testing.

(2) In the system’s device manager: Universal Serial Bus Controller->usb, in these settings, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off devices to save power”.

4. Is it possible to support audio output and microphone (voice) input at the same time?

Yes, because the Bluetooth adapter includes Bluetooth receiving and transmitting functions. After connecting to Bluetooth, open the control panel in the computer system, select “Manage Audio Devices” under “Hardware and Sound”, output device and input device (microphone) Just choose Bluetooth headsets.

If you need to make a voice call, you need to go to “Sound” -> “Play” in the computer system and select the “hands-free” option.

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