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Gaming Technology

Huntkey Challenger Gaming Monitor Review 2K+240Hz High Brush Professional Gaming Monitor

The New Year of 2024 is approaching. After working hard for a year, have you thought about what kind of gift to buy yourself to [more…]

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Gaming Technology

DDR4 vs DDR5, Difference between DDR4 and DDR5 memory for gaming?

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Although DDR5 memory has been launched for more than two years, DDR4 memory is still the mainstream choice in the market due to its excellent [more…]

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Gaming Technology

Logitech G304 Long Battery Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Wireless Killer, Precision Wins

The mouse is an essential peripheral for us to use computers every day. A comfortable and durable mouse can greatly improve work efficiency and conquer [more…]

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Sony PS5 Pro game console will be release at the end of the third quarter of this year

IT House reported on January 5 that Tom Henderson. The head of foreign media insider-gaming, posted on the X platform.¬†Claiming that Sony will release the [more…]