Baby bath tub recommendations! Baby bath basin buying guide

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Every time before I write, there will be a wave of memories. I still remember when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, I was searching and shopping for all kinds of things. Think of a series of essential items you need to prepare after your baby is born. Including where to bathe after birth, how to bathe, what bathtub and toiletries to use, I have already thought about it early. Let’s know about Baby bath tub

Baby bath tub
Baby bath tub

So I also believe that there are many pregnant mothers like me now, including new mothers whose babies have already been born, who are already looking for various strategies to choose a baby bathtub. After all, the baby’s resistance is relatively weak. It is still a relatively hot season. Pay attention to personal hygiene and sweat management. Preparing a comfortable and safe bathtub for the baby is the most basic daily necessities.

So let’s follow Bullet Mom to see how to choose a baby bathtub, right? After all, I am also an experienced driver, hahaha!

Baby bath tub
Baby bath tub

1. How to choose a baby bath basin (key points for purchasing)

(1) Look at the material

General plastic bathtubs mostly use environmentally friendly food-grade PP, TPE and TPR. TPE and PTR are actually similar, but TPE is better. Inflatable bathtubs are mostly made of PVC, so if you choose an inflatable model, you must choose a high-quality one.


  • First look: Check whether the color is even
  • Second smell: Is there a pungent smell?
  • Third , a strong and durable bathtub will generally be thickened and will certainly not be light in weight. Lighter ones often cut corners.

(2) Look at the style:

Bathtub : Generally used from 0-3 years old. Choose one that comes with a bath mat and bath net , which can be used by newborns right from the start.

Bath bucket : usually started after half a year old, three-in-one swimming, bathing, running and bathing. But now there are also bath mats or bath nets that are used from birth . The longest service life.

(3) Look at safety

Baby bath tub
Baby bath tub

Whether the structural support of the bathtub is safe; whether the parts that come into contact with the baby’s body have anti-slip design; whether there are anti-slip foot pads or anti-slip pedals, etc. will all affect whether the baby will slip.

(4) Check whether it is foldable

If it can be folded, it greatly reduces the space occupied and is especially friendly to families with smaller toilets.

(5) Functionality

  • Temperature-sensing function: Equipped with a thermometer or a temperature-sensing piston that changes color according to the temperature, new mothers can control the water temperature.
  • Thermal insulation function: enlarge and thicken the thermal insulation design or add a lid, etc.
  • Drainage function: It reduces the trouble for parents to pour out a whole basin of water, and it can be poured out easily by unplugging the plug.
  • Shower head and groove storage design : increase convenience
  • Equipped with a headrest: it is more convenient for babies to wash their hair

(6) Look at the brand

Needless to say, the brand means better quality assurance and perfect after-sales service. If you are shopping online, it is best to choose self-operated or flagship stores.

(7) According to price

Make your purchase according to your own budget, but you get what you pay for, so choose the best one you can afford.

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