Vlog Camera Buying Guide, which should I choose?

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Since the beginning of this year, the tourism market has ushered in a recovery, and many people have begun planning long-lost trips. As the field with the most concentrated traffic on the entire network, short videos have also become the best choice for many people to record their own moments. Because of this,Vlog cameras have also experienced a surge in sales in the past few months. Let’s get some information so you know which Vlog Camera is better.

Sony ZV1
Sony ZV1

The most important aspects of a vlog camera are four aspects: image quality, focal length, focus, and portability.

Camera buying guide

Image quality

Image quality generally refers to the clarity, color, dynamic range and other aspects of the video captured by the Vlog camera. The quality of the image not only depends on the hardware and software of the camera itself, but is also affected by factors such as the shooting environment and post-processing. Generally speaking, the main factor affecting the image quality of Vlog cameras is CMOS.

CMOS is the core component of a camera that captures video. It is responsible for converting light into electrical signals. The size and number of pixels of the sensor determines the camera’s photosensitivity and resolution. Generally speaking, the larger the sensor, the more pixels and the better the image quality.

However, the first thing a Vlog camera requires is not specific noise or HDR capabilities, but the jelly effect. After all, as a camera that often moves and shoots, compared to specific noise exposure parameters that can be repaired later, the jelly effect largely determines the scope of application of a camera.

Of course, if you want a machine that can record A-roll with a fixed camera position, then obviously the latitude and sharpness of the image quality are more important. In these two aspects, for ordinary users, it can be considered that a large base means good image quality. Especially for products that are more professional and closer to cameras, the image quality is generally good.

Focal length & focus

Secondly, look at the focal length and focus. For most Vlogs, an equivalent of less than 22mm is basically sufficient to ensure a relatively good proportion of the head in the entire lens when taking selfies with your hands straightened and without an extension rod. Therefore, generally speaking, I would recommend handheld users to choose 18-22mm products, and users with fixed cameras to choose the 24+mm focal length, which has smaller distortion and is more natural.

Focus system
Focus system

And in order to lock your face firmly, focus is also very important. Especially for scenes that often feature mobile shooting, focus tracking and fast focusing basically determine whether the finished film is usable or not. Therefore, I still highly recommend products from Sony and DJI, which are more reliable in terms of focusing.


The last thing is portability. After all, only the above three are considered. Then you can just buy the Nikon Z9. There is no need to worry about it. The art of Vlog camera is to pack enough image quality in a compact size and obtain a good balance. So, with so many Vlog products on the market, what are the advantages of each one, and how to choose one at different price points? Don’t worry, I will talk about them one by one next.

Vlog camera recommendation

Sony ZV1

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular vlogging cameras out there, the Sony ZV-1. This camera can be said to be specially designed for vlogging. It has a flippable touch screen, a handle for convenient selfies, and a built-in tripod. Its picture quality is also excellent, using a one-inch sensor and a 24-70mm focal length, and supports 4K video recording and HDR mode. It also has a big bright spot, which is its focusing system. It uses Sony’s famous real-time eye focus technology to keep your eyes clear and sharp in any situation. Also has a portrait priority mode that automatically recognizes your face and adjusts exposure and color based on the environment. These functions make it easier for you to shoot Vlogs.

As the most popular product line of Vlogging cameras, the Sony ZV series has contributed most to the development of Vlogging. On the one hand, it has achieved better focus based on Canon’s old GFX. On the other hand, the image quality has also been greatly improved with the support of Sony’s own CMOS. In addition, Sony has always been good at facial optimization, which is very suitable for shooting Vlog. The A-roll portion of the video. Coupled with the exclusive product display and fast focusing of the ZV series, it can be said to be the first-generation Vlogging machine.

For most Vlog users, ZV1 has quite sufficient looks, battery life and a good value retention rate. If you are a Vlog novice and want to try whether you can enter the field of Vlog, ZV1 is a good choice. choose.

Of course, the ZV1’s focal length may be the least vlog aspect. The widest is 24mm and coupled with anti-shake cropping, the head may appear larger when held in hand.

Sony ZV1F


As a wide-angle fixed-focus alternative to ZV1, ZV1F can be say to be a more surprising product. On the one hand, for most users, the aperture of F2.0 is completely sufficient. On the other hand, ZV1F also introduces Sony’s new generation touch menu, which has easier-to-operate menu options for users who have never use a camera before. And finally adjust the position of the bracket so that the battery and SD card can still be replace when the extension rod is connect. It can be say that it is a more “novice” machine.

If there is a lot of handheld shooting, such as walking and traveling, ZV1F is more suitable. And if you want to further zoom in and take telephoto shots, the ZV1, which can zoom to 70mm, may be more suitable for you.


As an old rival of Sony, many users have used Canon’s GFX series for Vlog shooting in the past few years. Due to the gradual expansion of the Vlog market in recent years, Canon has also launched its own product focusing on the Vlog market, PowerShot V10, including its own It comes with a stand, a very convenient flip screen and a body shape that is obviously more suitable for holding and using. However, this machine is a typical solar camera. If you usually shoot most of your photos outdoors during the day, PowerShot V10 can still be highly recommend.

Canon Power Shot
Canon Power Shot


Of course, Nikon cannot be left out. However, Nikon has not paid much attention to the market other than full-frame in recent years. The Vlog camera Z30 is good everywhere, but the Z-mount lens group is indeed not rich enough. In most cases, Z-mount full-frame lenses are still use. More suitable for Brother Fu to choose.



Panasonic’s focus in recent years has basically been on video machines, and naturally Vlogging cannot be left behind. With the focal length of 20-60mm on the kit end, the S5M2X is still very capable. If you buy a camera not only for selfies, but also for B-roll background photography, Panasonic’s cameras are very good and can be use in one camera. The one that completes all shooting, has a relatively rich lens set, and is quite friendly to novices.


Who doesn’t like Olympus when it comes to photography? As a veteran optical factory, the image quality of OM1 is definitely worthy of the price. For most users with sufficient budget, OM1 is a product that can take into account photography and videography to a large extent, and is very suitable for use as a Vlog camera.

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