How does a newbie enter the bitcoin cryptcurrency circle?

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Bitcoin (BTC) currently exceeds $70,000, but I can tell you that the bull market has just begun .

First of all, if you want to enter the currency circle, you must first have a certain amount of principal. After preparing the principal, it becomes a question of how to buy.

At present, the domestic regulation of virtual currency transactions is very strict. If you want to buy coins, you need to choose a suitable exchange. An exchange is similar to a stock brokerage. At present, the more reliable ones are Bian and OK. These two exchanges have certain guarantees. Do not follow some trading groups to download, as it may be a killing market.

What I recommend is OK


After downloading, put some gold into it and exchange it into u, and you can start trading.

There are many types of trading models. Those who gamble a hundred times a night use contract trading. I do not recommend this model. It is tantamount to death for novices to use this model (except if you have rich futures trading experience). The currency circle and futures The difference is that the contract in the currency circle is a perpetual contract with no delivery date, and the maximum leverage can be 100 times. What is this concept? If it fluctuates less than 1%, all your money will be lost! Some small exchanges can open 200 or even 300, and of course the profits are amazing. Beginners should never use contracts.

Next is currency-to-crypto trading, which is what everyone often calls spot. The spot risk is not that great, and of course making money is slower.

In addition, there are some other trading methods that I will not go into detail one by one. It is best for newbies to find someone to take them with them, otherwise they will die miserably.

But risks and opportunities coexist. Even the simplest way of making money now has an annualized rate of about 40%. If you deposit the money, you can get a good income, and you can also make a lot of money as a current bank deposit

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