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The wireless mouse is an electronic product that is frequently used in our daily lives and is also a very important production tool. Its use experience has a very important impact on our daily work and entertainment. Therefore, it is very important to buy a mouse that is convenient for you. necessary.

With the advancement of the times, more and more forms of mouse and keyboard have appeared, and wireless keyboard and mouse is one of them. Getting rid of the shackles of cables not only saves computer interfaces, but is also easy to carry, making mobile office simple.

Rapoo VT3S

Rapoo VT3S gaming mouse has 11 levels of silent height adjustment, 50G acceleration, 650IPS tracking speed and an adjustable range of 50-26000DPI, coupled with Omron 5000W button inching + e-sports type 1 million scale gears.

The left and right buttons of VT3S use Huno blue dots to move crisply and slightly. At the same time, the scroll wheel also has a scrolling life of 100 times. There are friction stripes on the scroll wheel, which is very textured to use. The mouse buttons are clean and crisp, with a crisp feel and fast rebound. The voice is very small.

It has a built-in 800mAh recyclable lithium battery. The key point is that the mouse itself also comes with a wireless charging module that supports Qi wireless protocol charging. If you work eight hours a day, you can use it for three weeks without any problems.

Rapoo VT3S Mouse
Rapoo VT3S Mouse

New domestic product—Infick IN9 three-mode gaming mouse

Infic is a domestic manufacturer of gaming peripherals, covering wireless, wired, gaming, office and other fields. Its peripherals are extremely cost-effective, with most of them priced at 100 yuan.

Infic IN9 supports wireless 2.4G + wired + Bluetooth three-mode connection, the DPI adjustable range is 800/1600/2400/3200/6400/10000, 1000Hz return rate, and the mouse rebounds quickly, whether it is single click or multi-touch , can give clear and obvious feedback. And supports colorful RGB backlight. This gaming mouse adopts an ergonomic design to better fit the palm of your hand.

During use, the mouse is also very quiet and will not disturb other people. It also has the characteristics of low power consumption and high battery life, supporting the rise of new domestic products. This mouse is extremely cost-effective.

Infick X2

A universal Bluetooth mouse that looks like a spaceship and supports 2.4 and 4.0 multi-bands. In addition to a more wear-resistant metal base, a WiFi receiver is secretly inserted under the mouse. The sensitivity of the mouse is also good. The sliding speed has five levels of DPI adjustment. The surface feels cool to the touch, which is very suitable for summer use. The key price is also very cheap. You can buy it for only a few dozen yuan and experience a sci-fi mouse.

Logitech wireless mouse

Logitech G series has always been a brand guarantee. The holding experience of the GPW wireless mouse is one of the best among mice. It is smoother to operate because it is not bound by wires. In terms of size, it can be regarded as a medium-to-large mouse. When using it, the focus point is located above the palm. Overall, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized hands to grasp. The buttons are replaceable, lightweight, low-latency, meet the requirements of long-term use, and RGB lights. It is a good choice whether it is for gaming or office.


The overall appearance of the SCIMITAR RGB ELITE mouse is black, and its shape adopts an ergonomic design, so it is only suitable for right-handed players. The biggest feature of this game is that it has a special 12 customized key areas. Friends who like to play MMORPG can have multiple skill combinations to relieve the pressure of operation. However, the large size of the mouse due to multiple buttons also has a certain impact. It is suitable for gamers, but not suitable for those with office needs.

SteelSeries Rival 650

Logitech wireless mouse
Logitech wireless mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse is the wireless version of the Rival 600. It adopts the same shape mold and retains the RGB light strip and free weight area. It is also equipped with the TrueMove3 sensor developed in cooperation with PixArt, which supports up to 12000DPI and 350IPS and can achieve 1:1 tracking. Built-in height sensor to prevent pointer deviation when the mouse is lifted. Dimensions are approximately 131mmx69mmx43mm.

Different from the Rival 600, the Rival 650 mouse incorporates SteelSeries’ own Quantum Wireless wireless technology, which can still guarantee a 1000Hz return rate and 1ms delay under a 2.4GHz wireless connection. It supports fast charging technology. The official nominal charging time is 15 minutes, which can achieve 10 hours of battery life. When fully charged, it can achieve 24 hours of battery life. Due to the built-in battery, the bare weight of the mouse has also been increased to 121g. With an 8x4g counterweight, the maximum weight can reach 153g.

The weight position of the SteelSeries Rival 650 wireless mouse is very scientific. The iconic height sensor can reduce the violent deviation of the mouse when it is lifted. It can have 10 hours of battery life after charging for 15 minutes. It is the first fast-charging mouse in the industry. The quality of SteelSeries mice is also recognized by the industry, and it is very reliable to choose SteelSeries for high-end wireless mice.

Razer wireless mouse

The Razer Viper is a symmetrical mouse that takes into account the needs of left and right users. The outer shell of the mouse is made of plastic and has a slightly frosted texture. It feels very comfortable and will not slip even if your hands are sweaty. The side buttons are designed to fit the side skirts. This design can minimize accidental touches. At the same time, this design also makes the side buttons difficult to click, which may have a slight impact on players who like to use side buttons frequently. In terms of appearance, the Razer Viper is relatively plain among the Razer family, but it has a low-key and luxurious feel when the lights are on.

razer wireless mouse
razer wireless mouse

ROG Glaive 3

As ROG, the leading brand of peripherals, the appearance of the Blade 3 is still very cool. There are two side buttons on the side, and behind the scroll wheel is the DPI button. The overall button design is not very complicated. The smooth shape makes it easier to hold, and the lightweight design brings smoother game control. With a sensitivity of up to 26,000 DPI, the response is quick and responsive, the direct touch of the keys is faster, and the micro-switches can be changed at will according to personal usage habits. It has tri-mode connectivity and supports wired, 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections. It is a comprehensive mouse and worth buying.

Lenovo Rescuer M500

Lenovo Wireless Mouse
Lenovo Wireless Mouse

The Lenovo M500 gaming wireless mouse, small, symmetrical and 88g lightweight design, comfortable to hold and flexible to operate, the service life of the left and right main buttons can reach about 30 million times; dual-mode link, free switching, using PMW3325DB gaming grade sensor, The maximum DPI can reach 10,000, with 7 preset DPI levels for easy switching. The driver-free light flashes to remind you, and the data return rate is adjustable in two levels: 250Hz/1000Hz. You can freely choose between power saving and performance. It also has colorful lights to satisfy the gaming experience.

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