Kashgar, Xinjiang China, the miracle of the Silk Road you know ?

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In the magical and beautiful land of Xinjiang province in China. There is a place that has unique charm and is known as the region where. “you have not been to Xinjiang until you have not visited Kashgar”, and that is Kashgar . As the westernmost region of China. The Kashgar region is close to Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And other countries, carries rich historical relics and cultural heritage. This was once an important stop on the ancient Silk Road and a gathering place for diverse cultures . 


Walking in the Kashgar area, you feel like traveling through time. Feeling the customs of the Western Regions. Appreciating the magnificent scenery of the Pamir Plateau, tasting authentic food, having close contact with local Uyghurs, Tajiks and other ethnic minorities, and appreciating their lives and traditions. Next, let us explore the beauty of the Kashgar region and experience the wonders of the Silk Road .


Explore the source of Kashgar’s charm

Kashgar Old Town is a national 5A-level historical and cultural scenic spot. It is like a living history museum , displaying ancient architectural styles and cultural heritage. Here, you can not only appreciate the accumulation of thousands of years of history, but also feel the strong folk customs. The streets and lanes are criss-crossed, and the maze-like urban layout is fascinating. Ancient buildings , Id Kah Mosque and other historical relics all show the vicissitudes of time. The Grand Bazaar is the center of the old city. The market is bustling with people, with a wide variety of products and delicious snacks. Here, every place is a vivid historical corridor, and every piece is an inherited cultural treasure.


Experience the colorful forests of Taxkorgan

Taxkorgan County is known as the only Tajik Autonomous County in China. It has rugged terrain and an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. It is known as the highest county in China. Among the green mountains and green waters, grassland and crystal clear lakes, the scenery is picturesque . The magnificent scenery of Baisha Lake, Karakul Lake, and Muztagh Peak is all in front of you, which is refreshing and refreshing. Stepping into Taxkorgan, you feel like you are in a paradise. The ancient stone city exudes mysterious charm, and the local folk culture makes people feel the power of thousands of years of inheritance. In this land, man and nature coexist harmoniously, leaving behind eternal pictures.


The scenery of the journey is endless

The Karakoram Highway is a golden passage connecting Kashgar City and Taxkorgan County. It is both steep and beautiful. 400 kilometers of winding and circling scenery, the ultimate scenery is fascinating. The Oytak Red Mountain, White Sand Lake, Karakul Lake and other landscapes constitute the magnificent picture of the Pamir Plateau, while the cultural landscapes such as the Alar Golden Grass Beach and the Khunjerab border port along the way are witnesses of history. On this winding sky road, there are new surprises waiting at every turn, and every scenery is picturese.


Wander the legendary Tasha Trail

The Tasha Ancient Road connects Taxkorgan County and Yarkand County. It was once one of the important passages of the Silk Road and is full of legend . The 200-kilometer-long dirt road is rugged and difficult to navigate. But it contains endless scenery and beauty. The steep mountain roads, crossing bridges, and precipitous cliffs along the way are awe-inspiring, while the scenery such as the Tashkurgan River, Yarkand River, and Kunlun Apricot Blossom Valley are so beautiful. Walking into the Tasha Ancient Road is like walking into the corridor of history, feeling the ups and downs and legends of the ancient road , and feeling the shock and desolation of nature .


Taste the precipitation of the source of life

Awati Township is famous for growing jujube, and the ancient jujube forest is the source of life for this land . Thousand-year-old trees are steady and tall, with lush branches and leaves, full of vitality, telling the changes of the years. Here, the dense jujube forest is fill with sweet fruity fragrance. And every ancient tree carries the expectations and cherishment of the villagers. Through an online crowdfunding and adoption project, this ancient forest has become an opportunity for the locals to get rid of poverty and become rich, witnessing touching stories. Some celebrities from Xinjiang, such as Li Yapeng , Dilraba Dilraba, Wang Xuebing, etc., participated in it to jointly protect this forest of life and inherit the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Through the above introduction to the five must-visit places in Kashgar , I hope it can reveal the secrets of this magical land to you. Each scenic spot carries historical memories, cultural heritage, and gifts of nature. We look forward to your visit to appreciate the exotic customs and feel the gifts of nature . May you have a pleasant journey and a happy New Year. May our footsteps join hands in leaving more beautiful legends for the prosperity of this land.

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