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With the popularization of concepts such as intelligence and digital health, more and more people are beginning to use smart wear to help them understand their own health conditions. It can be said that the dazzling array of smart bracelet and smart watches on the market has already become a red ocean. The price of smart bracelets ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, and there are many brands and styles.

Today, the author will give you an inventory of smart bracelet manufacturers in 2023. The following rankings are in no particular order, and I will make recommendations for the hot-selling smart bracelets in 2023, so that you can see which one is more valuable!

1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has always been nickname the “price butcher” by netizens. Everyone has always understood the cost-effectiveness of its products, and its functions are relatively comprehensive, including exercise monitoring, health monitoring, notification reminders, etc., making it suitable for price-sensitive consumers. Xiaomi launched Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 7 Pro this year , which was the largest “deform” product in the history of Xiaomi Mi Band . This year, Xiaomi also launched Mi Band 8 and Mi Band 8 Pro for users. With more ways to play. , all bring a different kind of comfortable experience to users.

The design of Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is very fashionable, more like a fashion decoration. It not only changes the plastic texture body of previous generations, adopts. A metal texture middle frame, but also adds a new “necklace mode”. We can use accessories to convert the bracelet into The oval “rice grain” is worn as a necklace charm and instantly becomes a fashionable accessory.

 In terms of functions, it also supports monitoring of heart rate , blood oxygen saturation, maximum oxygen uptake, sleep, stress, etc. In terms of exercise, it supports more than 150 exercise modes, but has built-in “Somatosensory Interactive Boxing” mode and “Running Bean”. ” When you put the bracelet on your shoes for exercise, you can measure 13 professional data such as cadence, stride length, landing impact force, and landing method to help you get correct running guidance or correct your running posture, avoid injuries, and improve your running. score.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Pro continues the square screen design of the 7 Pro, equipped. With a 1.74-inch OLED screen, a screen resolution of 480*336, 336 PPI, a retina-level display. A full-screen brightness of 600 nits, and no pressure for outdoor sports display. . The basic functions are similar to those of the 8th generation, but the 8 Pro adds 3D sports and fitness. Animations, supports smart running, wrist running courses, somatosensory boxing games and other. Functions, and has added the Miaoxiang Center, built-in Xiaoai voice assistant, and supports. Xiaomi The mobile phone pop-up window pairs and communicates with the mobile phone. Status which completes the missing link of Mijia wearable devices, fully integrating the bracelet into the ecosystem, and making the overall playability higher.

smart bracelet
smart bracelet

2. Huawei

Huawei’s smart wearable products can be said to rank first in the domestic market share. Both bracelets and watches are base on “long battery life + health + intelligence” and are committe to bringing the latest technology to consumers.

The Huawei Band 8 launched this time adopts a thin and light body of 8.99 mm. It is also the thinnest Huawei band currently. It weighs only 14 grams and is very comfortable to wear. At the same time, this bracelet supports 100 sports modes, including. 11 professional modes, which is suitable for most sports enthusiasts. Equipped with the self-developed TruSport™ 5.0 professional sports algorithm, it is more accurate for heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring data. It can also provide exercise evaluation and advice such as maximum oxygen uptake. Recovery time, training effect, etc., which is very helpful for sports enthusiasts.

Huawei smart bracelet
Huawei smart bracelet

Not only that, Huawei Band 8 is also Huawei’s first wristband product equippe with a smart negative screen. Swipe right to enter the negative screen to view smart messages such as today’s schedule, hotels, flights, trains, express delivery, and credit card repayments, including express delivery. The interface supports display of express delivery status and pickup code, making it more convenient to receive express delivery.

3. Glory

Founded in 2013, Honor is committ to becoming a global technology brand. That builds all scenarios, faces all channels, and serves all people. It has the research and development capabilities for a full range of mobile phones and smart ecological products. And the cost-effectiveness of its products is unquestionable.

Glory  smart bracelet
Glory smart bracelet

Taking Honor Band 7 as an example, it not only supports basic functions such as sleep. Monitoring, female menstrual cycle, stress testing, heart rate monitoring, etc. It can also achieve all-weather blood oxygen monitoring , plus 96 sports modes, including 11 professional sports modes and 85 sports modes. A customized sports mode that can fully meet the needs of daily life.

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