Which Lenovo laptops are easy to use and cost-effective?

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Lenovo laptops rank first in sales both domestically and abroad. It currently has four major brands: Lenovo Xiaoxin, Lenovo ThinkBook, Lenovo ThinkPad, and Lenovo Savior. The following will give you an analysis of the key points for purchasing at each price point and the analysis of competing products. Help you quickly find the best laptop to buy.

Lenovo ThinkBook14

Positioning: 3 series entry-level office computers;

Lenovo ThinkBook 14,one of lenovo laptops is very cost-effective compared to Lenovo Xiaoxin’s 2023 low color gamut screen. It is better than the hardware stack of HP and 66 in the same position. It is currently the best computer in terms of practicality at the price of 4500, and the other one considers screen quality. You can buy HP Rui Pro14 for battery life.

Lenovo ThinkBook14+

Positioning: 5 series high-performance and practical computers;

Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ has almost no decent rivals now. It has high performance, high practicality, high reputation, and no pitfalls in the whole series. This is the only one of the big brand computers. The other choices are Mechanical Revolution Unbounded 14 Pro and Acer Extraordinary Go Pro, but the brand is still It’s a step up.


Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14

Positioning: 5 series high-performance, long-lasting computers;

There are not many things that Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 can really show off. They are all the icing on the cake compared to its competitors. It can only be said that the parameter war is more difficult, but the competitors of the Pro series of the same grade are not idle either. For example, HP Star Book Pro14, Honor 14 and other computers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Neo

Positioning: 7 series high-performance computers;

The biggest highlight of Lenovo ThinkPad Neo,one of lenovo laptops is the pure ThinkPad Little Red Dot. It is one of the strongest performers in the entire ThinkPad family and has the highest cost performance. Its successor is called ThinkPad T14p, which only has an upgraded processor.

Its competitor is HP Zhan X. Judging from the current sales volume, Zhan X still has a more stable reputation and higher sales volume.

Lenovo YOGA Air14s

Positioning: 9 series high-looking computers;

Lenovo YOGA Air14s is positioned as the 9 series flagship thin and light notebook. It directly competes with Huawei MateBook A must-see if it looks good and has good workmanship.

Lenovo YOGA Pro14s

Positioning: 7 series high-performance computers;

Lenovo YOGA Pro14s is the only performance cannon left in the 7 series. Compared with Dell Inspiron 14Plus, Asus Inspiron 14 Ultimate, Huawei MateBook 14s and other products, it has obvious advantages. It can even compete with Asus ROG Magic 14 and Dell Alienware X14. , MSI Jueying 14 Studio is the best choice. If you like small steel cannons, you must take a look before deciding.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 series

Positioning: 9 series flagship business computer;

The highest-selling computer in the ThinkPad family is the X1 series, of which the X1 Carbon is far ahead in sales, occupying one of the three flagship business notebooks in China (the other two are Apple MacBook Pro and Huawei MateBook X Pro), although it has mixed reviews , but this is the first choice for landing groups.

Lenovo ThinkBook16p

Positioning: 7 series high-performance creative design notebook;

Lenovo ThinkBook 16p uses the Lenovo Savior 9000X mold. Compared with the competing products ROG Phantom 16 and HP Shadow Elf 9slim, the appearance style is more business-like and stable, and the 3.2k 165hz screen quality is good. The dual memory modules and dual hard drive slots break the industry practice. , it really hit the pain point.

Lenovo savior series

Positioning: Lenovo gaming laptop;

Lenovo’s Savior series, one of lenovo laptops is divide into Y series with Intel Core processors and R series with AMD Ryzen processors. Generally speaking, the R series is cost-effective and affordable.

7000 is an entry-level gaming notebook for the 3 series. The competing products are HP Light Shadow Elf 9 and Acer Shadow Knight Qing;

7000p belongs to the 5 series of popular gaming laptops. The competing products are HP Shadow Elf 9, Dell Game Box G15, and Asus Choice 4;

9000p belongs to the 7-series e-sports gaming notebooks. The competing products are MSI Titan GP, ​​Dell Game Box G16, and Acer Predator Neo;

The 9000x belongs to the 7 series of thin and light gaming notebooks. The competing products are MSI Shadow GS and ROG Magic 16.

9000k belongs to the 9 series atmosphere gaming laptop, competing products are MSI Titan GE, ROG Gunslinger, and Dell Alienware M18;

Lenovo’s Savior is able to carry all brand gaming notebooks with the strength of one family, and it can compete in all kinds of games. It has strong hard power. Although it is often criticize for being a premium player, on the one hand, consumers certainly like cheaper and more affordable computers. On the other hand, Friendly merchants are confusing and positioning competing products.

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