The mouse pad can also be “rolled” HYBRATEK Goshawk gaming mouse pad

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Players who have paid attention to the peripheral circle must have heard about the involution and stacking of hardware configurations in the circle. The mouse pad is also a member of the peripheral circle according to classification, but because the sense of existence is too low, it is not replaceable. Too strong and often ignored by players.

In terms of function and structure, the mouse pad really has nothing to roll. After all, it is just a mat, a simple combination of rubber and cloth. If you really think so, you are wrong.

If your impression of mouse pad packaging is still in the era of a rectangular box, it means you don’t know much about today’s mouse pad market. In order to ensure the smoothness of the mouse pad, it can be used without curling it. Nowadays, mainstream gaming mouse pads have adopted such an integrated package.

Eagle pattern

The mouse pad lies flat inside, and the handsome eagle pattern on the mouse pad can be seen through the transparent skylight. Today’s mouse pad is the HP series from Swedish mouse pad factory HYBRATEK, which focuses on the research and development of various coatings and mouse pad printing color research, as well as the improvement and optimization of the fabric feel after printing. To put it bluntly, it is a brand that focuses on mouse pads and has put a lot of thought into the personalized patterns of the mouse pads.

Taking the mouse pad out of the packaging, you can see why this pad needs such a complete package.

The surface of the mat has a very hard texture and is not easy to bend. However, if it is bent hard, there is no guarantee that irreversible creases will be formed on the surface.

The mat size is a relatively standard 450mm*400mm, which is also a relatively common gaming mat size at present. It is large enough to ensure that the mouse can be moved in a large arc. It can even be used as a keyboard pad and can be used with an 87 or 98 configuration keyboard.

The handsome goshawk pattern actually looks very large, and the size of the mat itself is quite large. The head pattern of this eagle takes up more than half of it, especially the eyes and beak, which are quite sharp.

Mouse pad patterns

The inward scrolling of mouse pad patterns has long been outdate, but this does not mean that each company is now innovating and researching on the appearance of mouse pads, and this personalized design has become a basic practice.

The fine edge locking process completely covers the edge of the mouse through fine knitted slim edges. There by reducing edge wear and thus reducing the risk of glue opening. This is the most mainstream edge-sealing process for mouse pads at the moment. But it’s even more extreme on this HYBRATEK Goshawk mouse pad.

The surface of the mat is make of slightly rough polyester with an extremely fine weave. The surface feels hard to the touch, which is mainly due to the use of thinner hard rubber.

The feel can be describe as “slippery” in one word. The woven rough surface and extremely fine texture bring an extremely smooth surface. It making the start, stop and movement of the mouse very smooth.

On the back of the mat, HYBRATEK also brings a very novel combination. The combination of natural rubber + PU is indeed very rare. The result is that it looks very good and does not look like the bottom of a mat at all. When I first start using it, I saw that the ground was still thought the mat was reversible.


The anti-slip properties of the mat mainly come from the yellow PU bottom rubber in the middle. Compared with ordinary mouse pads, the anti-slip effect of this HYBRATEK Goshawk is weaker.

As a mouse pad, the overall quality of this HYBRATEK Goshawk is definitely quite solid. The good materials bring exquisite texture. The slightly rough surface has extremely smoothness, which is the key to flexible mouse control. . In addition to the pattern design, the original goshawk is really domineering and very eye-catching when placed on the table.

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