The best portable dishwasher for small space kitchens

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This article introduce in detail what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a portable dishwasher, such as capacity, drying method, softened water, etc. Friends who are interested can read this article. Here we mainly talk about desktop dishwashers.

1. Capacity of desktop dishwasher

Desktop dishwashers are now becoming larger and more practical. The capacity is generally 4-6 sets. I still recommend that if you want to install a dishwasher, it is best to choose one with a large capacity, and the use experience will be much better.

2. Water supply and discharge of tabletop dishwasher

Desktop dishwashers are divided into automatic water filling and manual water filling. When choosing a desktop dishwasher

It is recommended that you try to choose one that automatically fills the water, so that you do not need to manually fill the water every time you use it, which is much more convenient.

3. Installation requirements for desktop dishwashers

This is very important, and you must be careful before buying. Desktop dishwashers are not bought and plugged in and used, nor can they be placed just anywhere. There are also installation requirements for water and electricity. Desktop dishwashers The dishwasher needs to be installed near the sink, with a power source around it, as well as a water inlet and drain. Sewage can also be drained directly into the sink.

4. Adjustable bowl basket

When choosing a desktop dishwasher, you can choose a dishwasher with an adjustable basket, which means that the vertical and horizontal depth of the basket can be adjust to meet the needs of tableware of different sizes and is more convenient to use.

5. Drying method

The drying method is a very important part of the dishwasher. In the previous article, the drying method of the dishwasher was also introduce in great detail. The conclusion we draw from the drying efficiency is: hot air drying = crystal bud drying Dry>Heat exchange drying>Residual temperature drying, but it should be note here that most desktop dishwashers use residual temperature drying or hot air drying. Different drying methods will produce different drying results. The effect must be see clearly when purchasing.

Recommended desktop dishwashers

Haier dishwasher ETW42286BKU1

Haier portable dishwasher
Haier portable dishwasher

This is e upgrade version of Haier. With a brand new crystal color touch screen, is unparalleled in appearance. With three-layer three-dimensional sprayers, this dishwasher has a capacity of 4 sets, which can meet the daily use of 2-4 people. There is no problem in washing small milk pots. The installation method is also relatively simple. You only need to connect the water inlet pipe and the drain pipe, or the drain pipe can be place directly in the sink.

The disinfection function of this Haier Xiaohaibei dishwasher is mainly to boil and wash hot water at 72°C, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.99%. If you have a baby at home, it can also wash baby bottles or toys that can withstand high temperatures. It also has the function of washing fruits and vegetables in cold water, which is very convenient.

Equipped with a fresh air drying function, the internal circulation fan accelerates the air flow, and cooperates with the air exchange system to discharge the hot and humid air, so that the tableware can be dry quickly. Direct drive variable frequency motor, smooth operation and lower noise.

Product parameters

Product capacity: 4 sets; Installation method: desktop
Cleaning method: Spray type; Drying method: Residual temperature drying + fresh air system
Cleaning program: 5 cleaning programs + 4 value-added programs
Product size: Width 485X Depth 390X Height 475mm

2. Panasonic dishwasher NP-K8RAH1D

Panasonic portable dishwasher
Panasonic portable dishwasher

This Panasonic dishwasher has a very simple appearance, looks very high-end, and goes well with any style of kitchen. The interior uses a rotating butterfly spray arm and wall-type nozzle to flush with 80°C high-temperature hot water and high-pressure water column without any dead ends. The high temperature dissolves heavy oil stains, and even a hot pot can be wash cleanly. The bowl basket is removable and removable, making it more convenient to place the bowl basket.

This dishwasher uses a hot air drying system. Hot air drying for 30 minutes is more effective at removing water stains and keeping the tableware dry and mold-free.

The most powerful thing about this Panasonic dishwasher is its disinfection and sterilization technology. It is equipped with nanoe sterilization technology, which can be said to have reached the maternal and infant level standards. The antibacterial rate is 99.9%. Once cleaned, it can prevent mold growth for up to 7 days. It can almost replace a disinfection cabinet.

Product parameters

Product capacity: 5 sets; Installation method: desktop
Cleaning method: spray type; Drying method: hot air drying
Cleaning program: 6 major cleaning programs
Product size: length 550X width 344X height 598mm

3. Siemens dishwasher SK256B88BC

Siemens portable dishwasher
Siemens portable dishwasher

This desktop dishwasher from Siemens is design with a black crystal glass door and a phantom gray metal body, which makes it look particularly high-end and elegant. The capacity of 5 sets is relatively large among desktop dishwashers. The adjustable bowl basket can basically meet the needs of two people. It can wash woks and cooking pots of common diameters.

Fully automatic water supply and drainage, no need for manual water supply and drainage, easy to use. At the same time, detergent can be automatically dispense. In order to prevent accidental operations and increase safety, it is equipped with an electronic child lock.

Washing with 72℃ high temperature hot water, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. This Siemens dishwasher has a pre-rinsing function, which can be use to clean fruits and seafood.

Product parameters

Product capacity: 5 sets; Installation method: desktop
Washing method: Spray type; Drying method: Waste heat condensation
Cleaning program: 6 cleaning programs + 4 value-added programs
Product size: Width 551X Depth 500X Height 450mm

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