Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 Headphones Review

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Today’s true wireless headset market is changing rapidly. As a major headphone manufacturer, Edifier has a very wide product line, covering everything from true wireless headphones worth 100 yuan to flagships worth 1,000 yuan. NeoBuds Pro is Edifier’s flagship noise-canceling true wireless earphones. This earphone received a lot of attention when it was released, and its supercar-like design elements impressed everyone who saw it. How will Edifier’s new flagship true wireless headset Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 perform this time?

edifier neobuds pro
edifier neobuds pro

Iconic sports car design

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2
Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2

The overall appearance design of NeoBuds Pro 2 has not changed much, and it basically follows the design style of the previous generation NeoBuds Pro . When you first see NeoBuds Pro 2 , you can immediately tell that it continues the sports car design of the previous generation, while further optimizing the appearance of the charging box. The most prominent change is that the color of the charging box is more uniform. Although the silver matte appearance of the charging box is made of plastic, it gives it a metallic texture. NeoBuds Pro 2 supports 8 types of changing light strips, which are particularly eye-catching when used at night, adding to the fun of using headphones.

Edifier NeoBuds
Edifier NeoBuds

This time , NeoBuds Pro 2 finally adds wearing detection, which makes up for the regret that the previous generation could not automatically pause the music when taking off the headphones.

At the same time, the choice of 7 sizes of earmuffs ensures that different users can find a comfortable wearing solution that suits them.

However, NeoBuds Pro 2 performs poorly in terms of wearing comfort. The cavity of the earphones is relatively large, and unlike AirPods Pro 2 , the cavity of NeoBuds Pro 2 is relatively ” drummy ” . If you use it for a long time, you will feel obvious soreness.

Flagship noise reduction experience

The previous generation of NeoBuds Pro had a good noise reduction effect, but compared to flagship headphones from other brands at the same price, there is still a lot of room for improvement. However, this time the noise reduction performance of NeoBuds Pro 2 surprised me , reaching the first-tier noise reduction level. NeoBuds Pro 2 adopts self-developed ultra-wideband active noise reduction technology and uses four sets of microphones to collect and reduce noise in the full frequency range. Its noise reduction depth reaches 50dB , which can effectively suppress human conversations and keyboard typing. , road noise and other complex noises. In addition, the headphones provide a wealth of noise reduction mode options: deep noise reduction is suitable for excessive noise environments, comfortable noise reduction retains a small amount of environmental perception, mild noise reduction is used in quiet places, and ambient sound can naturally cut into surrounding sounds to participate in communication. Excellent sound quality, the sound of nature is hear all the way to the bottom of your ears

NeoBuds Pro 2

In terms of sound quality, NeoBuds Pro 2 has plenty of stuff. The headset is equipped with LDAC and LHDC Bluetooth high-definition audio coding, uses a combination of Knowles moving iron unit and composite diaphragm moving coil unit, digital dual-frequency technology, supports QQ Music’s premium sound quality certification and Hi -Res Wireless small gold label certification , personalized sound effect adjustment, and spatial audio and other technologies, it can be said to be ” armed to the teeth . “

The Knowles moving iron unit of NeoBuds Pro 2 ensures the clarity and extension of high frequencies. While the composite diaphragm moving coil unit brings rich layering and dynamic range to mid-low frequencies. Whether you are listening to high-pitched instruments in classical music or detailed processing of modern pop music. NeoBuds Pro 2 can accurately present it. Supporting the application of LDAC and LHDC high-definition audio codec technology allows NeoBuds Pro2 to support audio transmission up to 192kHz/24bit . If your phone supports these two encoding formats, it is recommend to turn on this function when using NeoBuds Pro 2 for better results. sound quality experience.

Spatial audio and head tracking

edifier neobuds pro
edifier neobuds pro

Since Spatial Audio was launched by Apple. It has now become a standard feature of flagship true wireless headphones. And all flagship headphones are equipped with this feature. Unlike brands such as Apple and Huawei, third-party headphone brands like Edifier have no ecological advantages. The headphones cannot be support by mobile phone playback devices. Spatial audio can only be achieve by relying on the headset’s own algorithm and computing power. The spatial audio of NeoBuds Pro 2 supports dynamic head tracking. The headset can track the position of the head through the built-in gyroscope. The position of the head can be see in real time in the Edifier Connect APP. And it can be clearly sense if the head is shake. The direction in which the sound travels. However, this head tracking will lose track after being use for a period of time. You need to click the direction calibration function in the APP to readjust it.

In terms of listening experience, the spatial effect of NeoBuds Pro 2 still has a lot of room for improvement. Compared with the spatial audio effects of brands such as Apple and Huawei. It is unsatisfactory and has little difference from the listening experience of stereo music. The good thing is that the spatial audio effect of NeoBuds Pro 2 is not limited by the playback device. It supports all playback devices that can be connect to headphones.

Smart call noise reduction

The call function is extremely important for headset users. The 8 -mic call noise reduction technology of NeoBuds Pro 2 effectively suppresses background noise while ensuring call clarity. In addition, NeoBuds Pro2 has added anti-wind noise detection and optimization algorithms. Even in windy environments, the headphones can effectively block wind noise through independent adjustment. So that call quality is not affect.

24 hours comprehensive battery life

In terms of the battery life of the headphones, NeoBuds Pro 2 performs quite well. The earphones have a maximum battery life of only 4.5 hours with noise reduction turned on. And can be use for up to 6 hours with noise reduction turned off. The maximum comprehensive battery life of the headphones with the charging box is only 24 hours. It does not support wireless charging. This battery life performance is only an acceptable level for a flagship headset. But fortunately NeoBuds Pro 2 supports fast charging, which can be use for two hours after 15 minutes of charging.

Summary of Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2

NeoBuds Pro 2 almost makes up for all the shortcomings of the previous generation of headphones. While also bringing a new user experience such as spatial audio. NeoBuds Pro 2 provides first-class sound quality and noise reduction experience whether in commuting, traveling or daily use. Although NeoBuds Pro 2 has some shortcomings, its excellent noise reduction and sound quality are enough reasons to buy it.

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